Paris: Finding the Perfect Souvenir

Serge Lutens Perfume

Paris City Guide Serge Lutens Perfume Lourens Smak / Alamy
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Paris prides itself on its perfumers, and few have greater standing than Serge Lutens. "He is a hero of the scent industry," says Paul Austin, a leading fragrance expert and principal at the Austin Advisory Group in New York City. "Lutens led the way in what became known as the niche fragrance business, with his thoughtful, daring and sublime scents." The unisex fragrances take their cues from everyday objects and experiences — the scent of hay sugar, for instance, or the scent of a freshly peeled orange — and use ingredients that go beyond the traditional. Picking out a fragrance at Lutens's opulent boutique is a treat in itself. The store is set in the arcade that encloses the Jardin du Palais Royal, the rose-lined gardens that adjoin the former royal palace.

  • 1. Lutens
    25 rue de Valois, Paris, France; 33-(0)1-49-27-09-09 48.86492362.3386915

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