Moscow: 10 Things to Do

8. Winzavod

an art gallery "Winzavod" in Moscow.  Deserted industrial buildings in Moscow are being taken over and converted into art galleries, studios and workshops. Maxim Marmur / AFP / Getty
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Tucked behind the rusting Kurskiy Train Station, Winzavod is Moscow's very own Meatpacking District. The one-time factory now houses a series of galleries, one of which recently exhibited photographs by Terry Richardson; also here: the "concept store" Cara & Co., which features Belgian and Australian clothing designers, a hip, if overpriced, café and an array of household items. Many a Western celebrity has made Winzavod the place to swing by when in town; this is where to go for fashion shows, art openings and sightings of the city's rich and notorious. Take the ring line or brown line to Kurskaya.

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