Moscow: Finding the Perfect Souvenir

Matryoshka Dolls

Collection of Matryoshka dolls Jochem D. Wijnands / Getty
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Despite the many changes to sweep Russia in recent years, the only souvenir one must take home is (still) the famous Matryoshka doll. That would be the doll inside a doll inside a doll inside... And the best place to get a Matryoshka doll is at Izmailovsky Market, which is best reached via the dark blue line on the metro to Izmailovsky Park. Keep your wallet buried under several layers of clothing, and do not miss the shashlik (Russian barbeque). Side note: While strolling on the Old Arbat, you may notice the many vendors selling Matryoshka dolls. Do not be a tourist and buy one. It will cost you two or three times the price at Izmailovsky.

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