Seoul: 10 Things to Do

6. Namdaemun Market

seoul namdaemun DAJ / Getty
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The Namdaemun market is seemingly open round-the-clock (though a few retailers close on Sunday) and is a fantastic place to pick up inexpensive clothing, housewares, fabrics, jewelry, accessories, toys, food, flowers, stationery and appliances. But it's easy to get turned around here, as there are thousands of shops located in the 30 or so multistory buildings, not to mention an endless sprawl of street-vendor stalls. This market is seriously crowded, so be prepared to get bumped around. If you feel peckish, take the opportunity to graze at the dozens of food stalls; try mandu gook, a simple and savory dumpling soup, or bindae duk, a skillet-fried mung-bean pancake. To get to Namdaemun market, take subway line 4 to Hoehyeon Station. The market also has a tourist information line: 02-752-1913.

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