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Population (1994): 9,496,000 (up 2.2% from 1990), 3.6 % of U.S. total

Voting-age pop.: 6,983,000; 1994 turnout, 44%

Median age: 32.6 years

Median household income: $35,284 ($3,020 above U.S. median)

Unemployment: 4.6% (1% below U.S. average, March 1996)

Last presidential election: Clinton (D): 44% Bush (R): 36% Perot (I): 19%

Congressional delegation: 10 Democrats, eight Republicans

From the Great Depression to the oil-price shock of 1979, Michigan more often than not voted Democrat. Though the loss of some 160,000 auto-production jobs in the early '80s gave the G.O.P. an opening--it picked up two congressional seats in 1994--Clinton beat Bush in 1992, and the Democrats are favored to hold their congressional-delegation majority this year.


BORN: June 28, 1934, Detroit EDUCATION: Swarthmore College, B.A., 1956; Harvard U, LL.B., 1959 FAMILY: Wife, Barbara; three children RELIGION: Jewish MILITARY: None OCCUPATION: Lawyer POLITICAL CAREER: Detroit city council, 1969-77; U.S. Senate, 1978- ADDRESS: P.O. Box 47368, Oak Park 48237. Tel.: 810-557-8683

Though in general liberal, Levin--who with his brother Congressman Sander Levin of the 12th District makes the only sibling pair in Congress--has supported bipartisan legislation and occasionally votes with conservatives. He voted for the new welfare-reform bill and has worked on congressional reform as well, helping write a bill to require more reporting of lobbying activity.


Budget NO Medicare YES Defense NO Abortion YES Guns YES Gays YES Bosnia NO NAFTA NO Welfare YES National Service YES (For an explanation of these issues, see the front of this guide.)

QUOTE OF NOTE: "As the richest nation on earth, our minimum wage should be a living wage. But it isn't close."


BORN: Sept. 24, 1943, Detroit EDUCATION: Michigan State U, Oakland, B.A., 1967 FAMILY: Divorced; five children RELIGION: Christian MILITARY: None OCCUPATION: Radio-talk-show host; author; teacher POLITICAL CAREER: Sought G.O.P. nomination for U.S. Senate, 1994 ADDRESS: 21711 West Ten Mile Road, No. 202, Southfield 48075. Tel.: 810-357-1500

Romney has no experience in public office, but name recognition--as the ex-wife of the son of former Governor George Romney--hosting a popular radio talk show and a healthy conservatism helped her win the nomination. She supports a balanced-budget amendment and term limits, and opposes abortion in most circumstances.


Budget Yes Medicare NO Defense YES Abortion NO Guns NO Gays NO Bosnia YES NAFTA NO Welfare NO National Service NO (For an explanation of these issues, see the front of this guide.)

QUOTE OF NOTE: "Being a mother has prepared me to serve...I am proud to say this is the real-world experience I'll bring to Washington, and quite frankly, they need it."

BOB CARR (R) District 1 (Upper Peninsula; northern lower Michigan)

BORN: Oct. 8, 1947, Hillsdale EDUCATION: Loma Linda U, B.A., 1970 FAMILY: Single RELIGION: Congregationalist MILITARY: None OCCUPATION: Community facilitator POLITICAL CAREER: Sought G.O.P. nomination for U.S. House, 1994 ADDRESS: P.O. Box 5317, Traverse City 49685. Tel.: 616-929-1943

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