Medicine: The Old Wise Man

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Christian mandala shows Christ at the center, with the four evangelists at the cardinal points.

*† Said he: "I cannot let myself be stared at for eight hours daily."

*‡ Once a Zurich analyst had to deal with a new patient so tense that it seemed she had no mere neurosis but a beginning psychosis. Alarmed—because analysis at this stage may touch off a psychotic crisis the analyst went to Jung for advice. The master listened to the symptoms, then asked: "American? From the Middle West?" The analyst nodded. "Well then, I think you're pretty safe," said Jung, "but I would worry if it were a European."

*⊕ Set up by his U.S. admirer Paul Mellon of the Pittsburgh Mellons, and named for the little town of Bollingen on Lake Zurich, where Jung spends many vacations and periods of meditation.

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