10 Ideas That Will Change the World

Paul and Lindamarie Ambrose / Taxi / Getty Images

Our best shots for tackling our worst problems, from war and disease to unemployment and deficits More »

  • Youth

    There are lots of young people around. We thought that was a problem. But it's not More »

  • Afghanistan

    The war-torn country is headed in the right direction More »

  • Aliens

    Take it easy. Even if you want to, you're never going to meet them More »

  • The Deficit

    It can be fixed, with a bit of political will. Here's how More »

  • Jobs

    You thought China and India were where jobs went? Wrong: that's where they come from More »

  • Airports

    Airports aren't just where you go to leave home; they are becoming home itself. A nice one too More »

  • Stem Cells

    The technology is going to cure diseases instead of merely treating them. That's a huge change More »

  • Sharing

    Having lots of stuff was fun until it was almost our undoing. So share instead More »

  • Digital Love

    Wine, roses, sweet nothings. Oh, rot. Texting is so much better More »

  • Good Causes

    If you hate direct mail, please don't. It's a great way for charities to raise money More »

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