The 50 Best Inventions of 2010

Flying cars! Jet packs! Lasers that zap malaria-carrying mosquitoes! Here are the year's biggest (and coolest) breakthroughs in science, technology and the arts More »

  • Photos: A Visual History of the Jet Pack

    Humankind gets one step closer to realizing the flightful invention of 1920s science fiction More »

  • Photos: The Seed Cathedral

    British designer Thomas Heatherwick creates a house of worship for biodiversity at Shanghai's 2010 World Expo More »

  • Photos: The Plane That Drives

    Or is it a car that flies? An innovative Boston company introduces a remarkable vehicle — and a striking vision of the future More »

  • Video: Best Inventions

    Here are some of 2010's biggest (and coolest) breakthroughs in science, technology and the arts More »

  • Technology

    From cameras to an iPad app to a payment platform More »

  • Transportation

    Google's new Prius has driven itself 140,000 miles without an unscheduled meeting with a light pole More »

  • Health & Medicine

    It's been a bad year to be a mosquito More »

  • Bioengineering

    Growing new body parts has always been more science fiction than science reality, but that balance may quickly be shifting, at least in the lab More »

  • Green Energy

    Inventors have tried to use hydrogen fuel cells as a cleaner way to create commercial electricity, but they've always been limited by the cost. That's beginning to change More »

  • Clothing

    Cheese, insulation, hair — a lot of surprising things can come out of spray cans. Now we can add clothing to that list More »

  • Robots/Software

    This year's batch of robots can save lives, detect sarcasm and more More »

  • Military

    The squirt gun has gone professional More »

  • Miscellaneous

    From better 3-D glasses to a responsible homeowner reward program More »

  • Expert Picks

    Judd Apatow, Amy Sedaris and others pick the best inventions in their industries More »

  • Tech Buyers' Guide 2010

    From portable hard drives and the Motorola Defy to the Samsung Focus and Google TV, TIME showcases 20 new gadgets that techies will crave this holiday season More »

  • Gadgets Then and Now

    TIME takes a tour through the decades to explore how consumer technology has changed over the years More »

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