Best Inventions of 2006

It's been an interesting year in technology. Nintendo invented a video game you control with a magic wand. A new kind of car traveled 3,145 miles on a single gallon of gas. A robot learned to ride a bike and somebody came up with a nanofabric umbrella that doesn't stay wet More »

  • Transportation

    A sexy hybrid, a solar powered catamaran and a submarine for two are a few new ways to get around land or sea More »

  • The Home

    A floating bed, a manpowered snow plow and a gadget to find those gloves (or anything else) you misplace More »

  • Meals and Cooking

    A kinder way to kill a lobster and other gastronomic marvels that will change the way you cook - and eat More »

  • Clothing

    The HugShirt simulates the feeling of being embraced by a loved one. Try it on, along with these other high-tech fashions More »

  • Toys

    Fairy tales do come true! Just ask the talking magic mirror, one of the many tantalizing toys to play with More »

  • Medicine

    Police will love the fast, infrared alcohol test, while allergic cat lovers will adore the naturally hypoallergenic cat More »

  • Safety

    A wood worker's dream: A table saw that automatically senses soft flesh and instantly stops More »

  • The Military

    A military robot designed for search and rescue can retrieve injured soldiers from the battlefield More »

  • Lighting

    New ways of illumination More »