Top 10 Everything 2006


TIME names the year's best in arts and entertainment More »

  • Movies

    Letters From Iwo Jima and Borat make the cut More »

  • TV Shows

    From HBO's The Wire to Masterpiece Theatre's Bleak House More »

  • Albums

    A good effort from Dylan beats a great one from most other musicians More »

  • Books

    Just keep telling yourself, It's only a novel, it's only a novel ... More »

  • Sports Moments

    Perfect games, upsets and more More »

  • Songs

    Gnarls Barkley led the way with their "crazy" gross-genre mega-hit More »

  • DVDs

    Dave Chappelle organizes a little get together while Marlon Brando simmers onscreen More »

  • Crimes

    The poisoned Russian ex-spy plus a streak of sad school shootings More »

  • Medicine

    The first vaccine for cancer and the growing research into stem cells More »

  • Theater

    Cutting through the Broadway buzz, TIME's Richard Zoglin picks the best plays and musicals of 2006 More »

  • Web Videos

    The funniest, smartest and most entertaining videos chosen by TIME readers More »

  • Video Games

    Great graphics don't always make great video games, as we learned in '06 More »

  • Kid's Books

    Delightful and educational, these books teach as well as entertain More »

  • Podcasts

    Radio documentaries, tech tips and the best of international reporting More »

  • Buzzwords

    Is Iraq a civil war? What's web 2.0 anyway? Behind the newest words More »

  • Underreported

    The most important stories you likely didn't hear about in the media this year More »

  • Scandals

    What the Congressman sent young male pages and the author who "lied" to Oprah More »

  • Biz Deals

    The biggest deals worth billions, from healthcare mergers to European energy takeovers More »

  • Cartoons

    The best editorial drawings of 2006 that made us both laugh and think More »

  • Breakups

    Why Tom and Sumner split and Britney's classy Dear John letter to K-Fed More »

  • Fashion Trends

    Wingtips, black nailpolish and other hot trends More »

  • Comics

    The best anthologies and debuts in the genre of comics for adults More »

  • Web Sites

    Where to go green, go earthly, get great jeans and grant a bank-free loan More »

  • Stories

    A secret letter from Iraq and a sticky situation for Donald Rumsfeld More »