The State of the American Woman

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What Women Want

A quiet revolution has changed the status of American women; so what's new now? Plus: a TIME opinion poll on gender More »

  • Where Are We Now?

    TIME collaborated with the Rockefeller Foundation to conduct a study of gender attitudes in a changing economy More »

  • The Unfinished Revolution

    The numbers don't lie: it's no longer a man's world. Maria Shriver on why more change is needed More »

  • Then & Now

    Catching up with three of the women we profiled in TIME's 1972 issue More »

  • The Welder

    When Janie Cottrell was looking for a welding job in Georgia in the 1970s, no one would give her an interview. Now she works at NASA More »

  • The Farmer's Wife

    In 1972, Marcia Hueber worked fifteen hour days as a farmer's wife. When her kids were old enough, she packed it in and got a job. She's still working now More »

  • Homemaker Lauretta Galligan

    In 1972, Lauretta Galligan was a 51-year-old housewife who told TIME her role was to support her husband. She still makes him breakfast every day More »

  • America By The Numbers

    A look inside how happy we really are rushing to work in the morning and how much we socialize, play and spend More »

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