The Short List of Things to Do

Illustration by Sean McCabe for TIME

The Weekend Roundup

A guide to what you should see and what you should skip — and what you won't be able to avoid More »

  • January

    Season 3 of Big Love, Google Earth's museum debut and the latest from Lady GaGa More »

  • Februrary

    Eminem's Crack a Bottle, Julia Fischer: Bach Concertos, The TCM Romantic Comedies and more More »

  • March

    The Amazing Race returns for its 14th season and Sean Penn plays the title character in Milk More »

  • April

    Check out Reasons to Be Pretty on stage, Ricky Gervais on DVD and Neil Young on CD More »

  • May

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Guild seasons 1 and 2 and Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King More »

  • June

    Summer favorites for tweens and their parents: the Jonas Brothers' new album and the director's cut of Woodstock More »

  • July

    The John Barrymore Collection, Afghanistan's rendition of Idol and the 20th Anniversary Edition of Do the Right Thing More »

  • August

    Available on DVD: Icons of Sci-Fi, thirtysomething: the complete first season and I Love You, Man More »

  • September

    Halo: ODST, Paul Newman: The Tribute Collection and The Informant! More »

  • October

    A Gustavo Dudamel iPhone app, Hamlet starring Jude Law, and Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut) More »

  • November

    New Moon hits theaters, DJ Hero spins into your living room and Wings of Desire lands on DVD More »

  • December

    Men of a Certain Age debuts while Glee takes a break More »

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