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Everyone loves a good list—especially pop culture fanatics, and TIME's PopuList app is made for them. The editors of TIME Magazine have taken hundreds of their lists of the best- and worst-ever movie, music, books, TV shows and video games and presented them in a manner that's easy to browse and search on an iPad. With new lists added every week, PopuList is a perfect recommendation and discovery tool.


  • Browse hundreds of TIME curated best and worst lists in list and grid view
  • Bookmark items to read/watch/listen/play later
  • Create your own lists and share with friends
  • Share your favorite items on Facebook and Twitter
  • Sort and search for specific items on list
  • Watch trailers/music videos for items on list
  • Read detailed descriptions for each item on why they were picked
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Lists include:

  • All Time 100 Novels, Songs, Albums, Non-Fiction Books, Movies and TV Shows
  • All-TIME 25 Best Sports Movies
  • Top 10 Cross-Dressing Movie Performances
  • Top 10 Violent Video Games
  • Top 10 Romantic Books
  • Top 10 Angry Breakup Songs
  • Top 10 Disney Controversies
  • Top 10 Terrible TV Moms
  • Top 10 Arcade Games
  • Top 10 Movie Robots