Top 10 Everything of 2008

A comprehensive look back at the year through a collection of serious and not-so-serious Top 10 lists


Governor Gone Wild (Illinois)

Lawyers didn't invent the insanity defense for guys like Rod Blagojevich, but it may soon come in handy


The Aimless War (In the Arena)

A trip to the front lines in Afghanistan shows why a surge of U.S. troops won't be enough to end the conflict



Wanted: A New Miracle (China)

China's remarkably successful economic growth model is being sorely tested by the global downturn. Here's how the country can get its boom back


Russia's Big Chill

The oil boom that fueled Russia's extraordinary growth is over. As energy prices collapse, the nation braces for a less certain future

Sum of Fears (Kashmir)

The terrorist strikes on Mumbai have reignited a six-decade-old dispute between India and Pakistan, with worrisome consequences for the U.S.


The Six-Figure-Job Hunt (Careers)

With so many top earners out of work, there's more talent chasing fewer gigs. Here旧 how to adapt