The Best of 2007 (Cover Story)

From the best movies to the worst business deals, 50 lists that sum up the year — and start all kinds of arguments


Thailand Goes Back to the Future

Thailand's coming polls revolve around a former Prime Minister who is not even in the country. Is this any way to hold an election?


Gambling on Green

Venture capitalists look to make a fortune (and save the world) by betting billions on solutions to climate change



Can Anyone Win This Thing? (The Well)

The race for the Republican presidential nomination is turning into a rare and unpredictable free-for-all. That's what happens when a party lacks a front runner, is low on intellectual steam — and its best candidates all have notable defects

Rudy: All Business (The Well)

The former New York City mayor parlayed his experience into opportunity. He got rich, but who were his clients?

John Edwards' Defining Moment (Nation)

His "Two Americas" speech catapulted Edwards to political prominence in 2004 and defined his campaign. Will it be enough to win him the nomination this time?