The Top 10 Everything of 2007 (Best Top 10s)

From the best movies to the worst business deals, 50 lists that sum up the year -- and start all kinds of arguments


Postcard: Hoeilaart

Brussels touts itself as the capital city of an increasingly united Europe, but in this town on its outskirts, the tone is one of division. Why Belgium can't form a government


Gambling on Green (Clean Technology)

Venture capitalists look to make a fortune (and save the world) by betting billions on solutions to climate change

Cash Cow (Finance)

As investors pile in, financial firms smell big profits in selling green investment vehicles

Nature's Remedy (Global Investing)

Restoring the forests can fight global warming — but only if left to free markets, not regulators


Putin's Picks

Young, tough and loyal, Russia's likely next President looks set to continue his mentor's policies



One Night in Hong Kong (TIME Traveler)

Three residents suggest the best way of spending an evening in the city that never sleeps

Ginza Bonanza (Style Watch)

Buoyed by the weak yen, luxury brands are reasserting themselves in style in Tokyo's hottest shopping district

Staying Local (Next Time You're In ... Vietnam)

Vietnam's Victoria Sapa resort strikes a balance between luxury and socially conscious travel

Waves of Bliss (Check In)

Only nine surfers are allowed access to Nihiwatu's exceptional curls at any one time. Thank goodness


The New Artistes (Inbox)

Sizing Up a Fresh Face; War: What It's Been Good For; Where to Work?; Experience and Foreign Policy