The Fight for the Top of the World (Cover Story)

As global warming melts the Arctic ice, dreams of a short sea passage to Asia — and riches beneath the surface — have been revived. But who will win the world's new Great Game?


The Halo Effect (Special Report | Corporate Social Responsibility)

Drug companies such as Merck have set up programs in Africa to combat HIV/AIDS. Skeptics say it's all just a P.R. ploy, but is the issue of spin even relevant? What the private sector can teach charities about efficiency -- and saving lives

Social Capitalists (Special Report | Corporate Social Responsibility)

Firms the world over want to boost their CSR image. Here are some that lead by example

Enlightened Self-Interest (Special Report | Corporate Social Responsibility)

The best corporate-social-responsibility initiatives are good for society and for business. Two experts explain how to do it right

Community Service (Special Report | Corporate Social Responsibility)

China Inc. is realizing that to compete globally it needs to embrace CSR


Antiheroine Chic

Television's new women can be as good — and bad — as the men


ClintonCare 2.0 (Commentary)

It's a good thing. Rivals warn of 1993 redux, but her new health plan shows she's learned a thing or two

Japan's Politics: A Family Affair (Viewpoint)

Japan's democracy may work smoothly, but its politics are still dominated by change-resistant dynasties that limit voter choice


Little Green Schoolhouse (Environment)

As students learn about energy efficiency, their school buildings increasingly practice it