Fight for the Top of the World

As global warming melts the Arctic ice, dreams of a short sea passage to Asia — and riches beneath the surface — have been revived. But who will win the world's new Great Game?


The Halo Effect (Special Report | Corporate Social Responsibility)

Drug companies such as Merck have set up programs in Africa to combat HIV/AIDS. Skeptics say it's all just a P.R. ploy, but is the issue of spin even relevant? What the private sector can teach charities about efficiency — and saving lives

Social Capitalists (Special Report | Corporate Social Responsibility)

Firms the world over want to boost their CSR image. Here are some that lead by example

Enlightened Self-Interest (Special Report | Corporate Social Responsibility)

The best corporate-social-responsibility initiatives are good for society and for business. Two experts explain how to do it right

Community Service (Special Report | Corporate Social Responsibility)

China Inc. is realizing that to compete globally it needs to embrace CSR


Rock Bottom

A British lender falls victim to the global credit crisis. Will more turmoil follow?

Reasons to be Cheerful (Global Investing)

Credit crises, tumbling house prices, stocks in freefall? Smart investors yearn for such turbulence


Black and Blue

From a boxing champ to Dr. Johnson's servant, a superb new book portrays three black men adrift in Britain


Zuma Nights (Amuse Bouche)

There's a new star in Hong Kong's dining firmament

Damascene Confusion (On Show)

Syria's National Museum is a fascinating, maddening trove of secrets

Fabric of Life (Style Watch)

Batik has been fading as an art form. Here's one designer bringing back its color


Sources of Addiction (Inbox)

They've Got Game; The 9/11 Candidate; Embracing the Silver Strands; Strength Through Suffering