Indian Summer (Cover Story)

Many of the years since independence were ones of promise undelivered. But India is beginning to live up to its dreams — perhaps encouraging neighbors to emulate its success

A Family's Journey (Cover Story)

Three generations of the Malhotra clan have shared their country's tears, happiness and triumphs

Beyond Faith (Cover Story)

On the subcontinent, Islam is more than a creed. It possesses the power to unite a nation — yet divide a people

Soldier of Fortune (Cover Story)

To strike it rich in India's changing economy, follow the trail of ex-cavalry officer K.P. Singh, who used insight, guts and luck to build a real estate empire — and reaped a $20 billion bonanza

The India Advantage (Cover Story)

Democracy is loud and messy, but its resilience in India shows that it is neither alien to Asia nor an obstacle to prosperity

Essay: Business as Usual (Cover Story)

India's rise isn't a miraculous novelty, it's a return to traditional global trade patterns



Italy's Misruling Class

Italians are increasingly fed up with the complacency of the nation's highly paid yet slothful political élite. Will public outrage finally force the pampered pols to rouse themselves and lead?