Denmark's Wind of Change

The Nordic nation is proof that green energy initiatives aren't just good for a government's conscience. They can help power the economy too


Palestinians in Lebanon: A Forgotten People (Middle East)

The story of the Palestinians is not confined to Gaza and the West Bank. Thousands still live in Lebanese refugee camps, caught between a traumatic past and an uncertain future


Colonial Revival (TIME Traveler)

Historic Charm gets an elegant lift in Panama City's Casco Viejo

Old View, New Rooms (Check In)

Le Marche's Borgo Tranquillo is perfect for soaking in the sun, mountain-biking, truffle-hunting and palazzo-visiting

Pleasure Island (Amuse-Bouche)

The Maldivian Conrad Rangali Island haven takes its wine very seriously

Small Wonders (On Show)

No longer in love with the Louvre? Moving on from MoMA? Some of the greatest art can be found in quirkier collections. Here are three to see