Kate Winslet's Moment

Intense, ambitious and only slightly panicked, Kate Winslet is the finest actress of her generation


Turning the Page: The News on Europe's Newspapers

Plummeting circulations, anemic advertising sales: the news on Europe's newspapers makes for grim reading. But some publishers are fighting back. Here's how three are trying to keep their black and whites out of the red


The Art of Museum Diplomacy (Exhibition)

A London show of Iranian antiquities underscores the power of museums to win hearts and minds



Rebuilding Basra

Its services may be woeful and its streets full of trash, but Iraq's southern city is coming back to life at last


A Boutique Hotel Down Under (Check In)

Next time you're in Perth, book one of the 13 rooms at the Richardson Hotel and Spa, recently named "Best Luxury Hotel in Australia"

A Sense of Singapore (Sense of Place)

The Lion City, as it's depicted in the pages of J.G. Farrell's brilliant epic The Singapore Grip