Tony Blair's Leap of Faith

Britain's former Prime Minister has finally found a cause that allows him to wear his religion on his sleeve. His biggest challenge may be to bridge the gap between secular Europe and a world of believers


Cloistered Shame in Israel

A spate of sex crimes and child abuse has rocked Israel's ultra-orthodox community and forced it to open up to outside authorities for help


Cracks in the Ice (Iceland)

As the credit crunch exposes its vulnerabilities, Iceland fights to regain the world's confidence


It's a Wrap at Cannes

This year at Cannes, European films took home the top prizes while Hollywood's stars worked the red carpet


Word on the Street

Elizabeth Pisani's The Wisdom of Whores takes a hard look at how to stop the spread of AIDS


Ambien Music (Curtain Raiser)

Forget the performers. Just close your eyes, lean back and sleep tight

Eat Like a Horse Rider (Amuse Bouche)

At Mimolette, the scions of Singapore's great and good trot by as you brunch

Fresh Heights (Diversions)

Trekkers looking for alternatives to Tibet and Nepal are finding nirvana in the Indian Himalayas