Helping Hands

As volunteer relief workers swarm quake-devastated Sichuan province, China turns a national tragedy into a defining moment


Johannesburg Is Burning

As poverty worsens, frustrated South Africans unleash their anger on the nation's immigrants


Trouble at Home (Housing)

Caught up in a global real estate slump, Britain is seeing its love affair with property put to the test


What's Green and Goes Pop? (Commentary)

A combination of bad science, alarmism and vested interests has created an environmental bubble


Power Struggle

Robert Kagan sees the world divided between an "axis of democracy" and a "club of autocrats"


Animals on the Move (Great Outdoors)

Across Africa, the annual wildlife migrations are arduous and often tragic. But they also account for some of Nature's great spectacles. Here are five worth crossing the earth for

Louvre Masterpieces Made Fun (Diversions)

A zany new book about the Louvre treats the inhabitants and themes of the museum with impudent charm

Boston 2.0 (TIME Traveler)

After a 25-year makeover, the historic New England capital is getting hip


The TIME 100 (Inbox)

The State of Iraq's Army; Wright and Wrong; Going TV-less