The Last Tycoon

Why does the mogul want the Wall Street Journal and what will he do if he gets it? Eric Pooley got the answers from Murdoch himself


Cocaine Country

Tiny and poor, Guinea Bissau has become a major African link in the global drug trade. Inside the world's newest narco state


Tony Blair's Toughest Mission

If the outgoing British Prime Minister takes on the role of Middle East peace envoy, he may find the situation on the ground even more daunting than he expects


Media Commander (History)

Giuseppe Garibaldi taught generations of would-be revolutionaries the art of image control


Diplomat Without Borders

He co-founded one of the world's most influential aid groups. Now, France's new Foreign Minister wants to bring a fresh sense of social justice to global politics


Moving Day (The Moment)

As Tony Blair leaves office, Gordon Brown gets a taste of power



Social Assistance (TIME Traveler)

Need advice or accommodation? Tap into the wide world of travelers on the Web

Chicken Run (Check In)

Looking for the best chicken rice in Malaysia? Kuala Lumpur's Traders Hotel will fly you there

A Stitch in Time (Style Watch)

A Taiwan-based designer travels China to discover and preserve its traditional silks

Verticale Ascent (Amuse Bouche)

Didier Corlou's elegant new French-Vietnamese restaurant is the hottest table in Hanoi


Oil's Curse (Inbox)

Up to the Challenge; Remembering the Fallen; A Rainbow Over Dallas; Will Gore Get on the Trail?