Taste Test: Same, but Different (Journey)

Think a particular brand of tomato soup or ice cream will taste the same all over the planet? A trip to Nestlé's food research lab reveals the science of localizing flavor

Black Magic: The Perfect Espresso (Journey)

After searching Italy for the perfect espresso, our correspondent finally divines the elixir's deepest mysteries right next door

Food Aid: Hungry For Change (Journey)

Food aid saves millions of lives each year, but it doesn't alleviate the root causes of famine. It is time to rethink how we feed the poor

Eating In: Home Cooking (Journey)

Ensuring good food for all in the future means looking to the values of the past

A Chef's Empire: Cook's Tour (Journey)

Fusion pioneer Jean-Georges Vongerichten never stops testing culinary boundaries. On the road with the busiest chef in the biz

Kaiseki: Perfection On a Plate (Journey)

A modern master inducts a TIME writer into the mysteries of kaiseki, Japan's most exquisite — and least international — culinary tradition

Essay: One Man's Junk Food (Journey)

Fast food used to be a symbol of bland conformity, but globalization has given it a whole new flavor


In Search of Surprises (Exhibitions)

This year's entries at the venerable Venice Biennale range from the second-rate to the sublime



Open Invitation

How Reagan's Berlin Wall speech really helped end the cold war -- and how it applies to today's enemies


Born to Run Away

An affecting memoir recounts how Bruce Springsteen changed the life of a Pakistani immigrant in Britain


Insecurity Forces (The Moment)

A new attack shows that Iraq's army and police aren't up to the job


Pack Your Trunk (The Great Outdoors)

Gabon's rain forest is home to orchids, elephants and surfing hippos

Remembering the Wall (Diversions)

A new 160-km trail in Berlin is a superb route for cycling — and history

Acquired Tastes (Local Fare)

Port of Spain's best restaurant, Battimamzelle, serves up seasonal menus that blend Trini traditions with haute Continental

Stars and Bars (Check In)

The Costa del Sol's glamorous Marbella Club provides a fantasy setting for a Spanish sojourn