Midnight's Family (Africa)

The Dehs are ordinary Ghanaians, but their lives since independence capture the triumphs and struggles of an entire continent


Retaking Center Stage

While Moscow's historic Bolshoi Theater gets a makeover, its eponymous ballet company steps out of the wings and back into the spotlight, thanks to a daring new boss

Taking the Rap (Music)

It's a calling with repercussions, but Palestinian and Israeli hip-hop stars are telling it like it is


Peace Stays On Track (Notebook)

After the bombing of a Pakistan-bound train in India, politicians vow that the peace process will continue


Wild At Heart (On Show)

An exhibit of enigmatic filmmaker David Lynch's artistic works opens in Paris

Life's a Cabaret (Next Time You're In...Cape Town)

Next time you're in Cape Town, visit Evita Bezuidenhout's dinner theater for satire and sequins

Your PC is P.C. (Tech Watch)

Allay your computer eco-guilt by replacing plastic with biodegradable bamboo

One Man's Meat (The Best-Ever ... Grilled Food)

For the best steak ever, visit Victor Arguinzoniz's restaurant, Etxebarri