Beyond Borders (Cover | Europe's New Frontiers)

Since Time first published in Europe 60 years ago, the frontiers of the region have shifted dramatically. Our special report on the lines that define Europeans today


Nuclear Implosion (Europe's New Frontiers | Family)

The traditional married-with-children model is giving way to a variety of new, improvised living situations. Meet the Europeans who are redefining the family

Getting It Right (Europe's New Frontiers | Estonia)

By taking risks on everything from economic management to technology, Estonia has become the little country that can

Believe It Or Not (Europe's New Frontiers | Religion)

Disputes between the pope and some Muslims mask a deeper fault line — Europe is struggling to determine whether its future will be guided by religious values or secular institutions

The Hard Cell

Liberal laws and generous funding have made Europe a leading power in stem-cell research. Now the therapy must prove its medical merit

Drifting Apart (Europe's New Frontiers | Diplomacy)

A lot of people hope that the ugly rifts between Europe and the U.S. will close when George W. Bush leaves office. Don't bet on it

Adoring A Vacuum (Europe's New Frontiers | Cooking)

Forget foam — the next big culinary wave is an odd machine called the Gastrovac. Here's what happens when chefs and chemists cooperate

A Place In The Sun (Europe's New Frontiers | Morocco)

Forget the Greek Isles — today's retirees are flocking to Morocco, extending Europe's reach beyond its borders

The Question Maker (Europe's New Frontiers | Art)

French artist Pierre Huyghe creates serious inquiries from playful art


A Shifting Rationale (Notebook)

The Muslim academic Tariq Ramadan is once again refused entry to the U.S.


A Changing Climate

As an influential report warns of economic meltdown from global warming, the insurance industry plans to go greener. Is the change more than just hot air?

Rapid Response

What can business learn from auto racing? Split-second decision making, says a British tech firm


Cool Tools For The Third World

From Internet antennas bolted to trees to pedal-powered laptops, they are bringing 21st century advances to those who need them most


Critical Condition

After a near-fatal car crash, legendary art critic Robert Hughes looks back on a most unquiet life

His Dark Material (Arts and Media | Books)

J.G. Ballard's work has become a synonym for postindustrial desolation — and great fodder for films. His latest novel takes on the dehumanizing force of the megamall


The Early Birds (The Great Outdoors)

Join a rafting expedition on the Squamish River to watch bald eagles catch their breakfast

Map, Schmap (Tech Watch)

Free software allows travelers to create custom destination guides to over 150 cities

Bliss In Bangalore (Check In)

A new business hotel offers views of Ulsoor Lake and executive suites with private gardens

Ringing The Changes (After Dark)

Vienna's outer ring road, the Gürtel, has cleaned up its act to become one of the most fashionable addresses in the Austrian capital