How I Lost My Hand But Found Myself (Special Report | Michael Weisskopf)

In 2003, TIME's Michael Weisskopf picked up a live grenade in Iraq and lost a hand. In his searingly honest memoir Blood Brothers, excerpted here, he relives the moment that saved four lives and forever changed his


Can Bosnia's Peace Survive?

The Bosnian war ended more than a decade ago, but the coming general election has stirred ancient tensions that may threaten the region's stability

Coming On Strong (The Former Soviet Union)

Kazakhstan's energy and political stability make President Nazarbayev a Washington favorite


Pills + Politics

In Germany, the emergence of chain drugstores could leave independent pharmacists fighting for survival

Bad Connections (Business | Telecoms)

An unfolding scandal at Telecom Italia has brought Romano Prodi's smooth sailing to an abrupt end


A Question Of Judgment (Notebook | France)

Nicolas Sarkozy's tough-guy image is damaged by rising crime in the Banlieue

What Lies Beneath (Notebook | Hungary)

Some Hungarian protesters may have a hidden agenda

Frozen Assets (Notebook | Russia)

Russia reasserts its influence on energy


Big Kicks (Lexicon)

A new luxury book on Manchester United weighs in at 35 kg

Shining Stars (Design Watch)

With futuristic forms and sci-fi shapes, the latest examples of lighting design are works of art in their own right

Learning To Fly Green (At The Airport)

Flying is tough on the environment but there are some ways of reducing the impact

A Grand Tour (Day Tripper)

Affluent travelers seek out exclusive outings with experts ranging from art detectives to wine writers


A Very Good Boyd

William Boyd has crafted a virtuoso new novel set in the shadowy realm of intelligence

The Return of the King (Books | Tolkein)

Mythology fans eagerly await the posthumous release of J.R.R. Tolkien's Children of Hurin, which continues his Middle-earth mythology


The Grim Rules Of Gangland (Letter From Brazil)

As Brazil prepares to vote, its economic capital faces a different kind of contest