(A Brief) History of Heroes (Special Issue | European Heroes)

Meet this year's Heroes, 29 extraordinary men and women who aren't satisfed with merely living in the world, but are compelled to change it.


A Joyous Return (Heroes | Brave Hearts)

Kidnapped and feared dead, the two Simonas — selfless aid workers in Iraq — remind the world that compassion can never be taken hostage

How to Be Great (Heroes | Creator)

His recipe: Write fine, best-selling novels, co-found a school for autistic children, and remind England of what it might be

The Visionary (Heroes 2004 | Alchemist)

No limits: blind since 12, she wrote a Tibetan Braille, then moved there to teach it

The Queen of Gombe (Heroes | Innovator)

The legendary researcher raises her voice to help chimpanzees — and their human cousins

Acting on The Outrage (Heroes | Activist)

It's all too easy to be shocked by the abuse of women. But a local organizer is putting that anger to work

Heart of Gold (Heroes | Olympian)

The champion swimmer defeats her rivals — and her doubts — to win a medal for ailing children

Rage Against the Cage (Heroes | Activst)

A long, hard-fought campaign against brutal treatment of mental patients is finally winning

Doctor Goodwill (Heroes | Helping Hand)

From Russia to North Korea, he makes house calls — even if it means getting arrested

The Slow Revolutionary (Heroes | Innovator)

Originally a protest, his Slow Food movement has transformed the way we think about cuisine

Fighting for Their Rights (Heroes | Activist)

She's spent a decade battling torture and political arrests — and she won't stop there

The Hills Are Alive (Heroes | Innovator)

His passion and spirit launched the quintessential jazz festival — and changed the sound of music in Europe

To the Rescue (Heroes | Brave Heart)

A businessman turned professional samaritan risks his life to save victims of terror and tragedy

Her Best Role Yet (Heroes | Helping hand)

This great actress doesn't take herself too seriously. But she's serious about fighting HIV in Africa

Putting War On Trial (Heroes | Crime Fighter)

In the Hague, a tough prosecutor seeks justice for some of the most heinous crimes of our generation

The Corruption Cop (Heroes | Reformer)

Nigeria's first female Finance Minister wants to make sure her country's petrodollars help people

Setting Sail for Greatness (Heroes | Inspiration)

Professional yacht racing is difficult enough. MacArthur hoists the challenge to a higher level: solo trips around the globe in record time

Saving the Wild Salmon (Heores | Green Team)

A passionate angler's simple scheme to help the seas: buy fishing rights, then leave the waters be

Third Time's The Charm (Heroes | Olympian)

The middle-distance great finally overcomes his Olympic jinx, winning not just one gold but two

The Children's Crusader (Hero | Helping Hand)

A nurse devotes herself to rescuing kids from the predators of Phnom Penh's mean street

Nothing Like a Dame (Heroes | Helping Hand)

A rebel with a fistful of causes, the Body Shop founder uses her energy and wealth to battle for justice

Maestro of the Spirit (Heroes | Inspiration)

A link to the great composers of the past, and a bridge to a better future for his countrymen

Love All (Heroes | Inspiration)

She gave up tennis but not the adoration of her fans. And she's still a champion to troubled kids around the world

Trained for Terror (Heroes | Crime Fighter)

At the March 11 attacks in Madrid, he led the rescue that saved hundreds of lives

Mademoiselle Non (Heroes | Creator)

The ballerina's total control over her body and art makes her an uplifting icon to dance lovers

Not Without My Sister (Heroes 2004)

These extraordinary girls stuck together during the Beslan siege. How bravery and loyalty got them through


Flights of Fancy (Fashion | Milan)

At the Milan collections, designers remake themselves by borrowing styles from abroad


President Sarkozy? (Europe | Interview)

In an exclusive interview, Nicolas Sarkozy tells TIME why he'll be France's next leader

Au Revoir, Les Jobs (Europe | Jobs)

Can the French government really stop jobs from going abroad?





La Dolce Veloce (Global Adviser | Day Tripper)

Transports of delight to see the Italian countryside

Cream Of The Cybercrop (Global Adviser | Grapevine)

High-Flyers only need apply to join this internet community

Adventure in Style (Global Adviser | Long Haul)

Going off the beaten track needn't mean roughing it. A mini-guide to winter jaunts

Art Deco Rates (Global Adviser | Style Watch)

Luxury purveyors are again looking back to the jazz age for inspiration

Diet Vs. Exercise (Global Adviser | Your Health)

There's good news — and bad news — for not those watching their weight


The Heart Of Labour (Notebook | Britain)

The news is mixed for British Prime Minister Tony Blair