Mandela (Nelson Mandela 1918--2013)

Protester. Prisoner. Peacemaker. 1918--2013

Protester (Nelson Mandela)

Under apartheid, his people were barred from pursuing a better life. Mandela risked everything to fight against injustice

Prisoner (Nelson Mandela)

Serving a life sentence, Mandela suffered through hard labor and petty cruelties. But he transformed isolation into a pulpit for change

Peacemaker (Nelson Mandela)

Freed at last, Mandela embraced reconciliation to save his nation. As South Africa's first black President, he set an example of unity and hope



The Man Who Could Not Cry (Nelson Mandela / Appreciation)

Humor, humility and the ability to compromise were the marks of the man

A Leader and a Champion (Nelson Mandela / Appreciation)

South Africa's rugby captain recounts how Mandela used sport for national healing

After Apartheid

South Africa has seen democracy's rewards and setbacks. One photographer reflects on two decades