How Much Risk Will We Take? (Cover Story)

In the aftermath of last week's foiled terrorist plot, air travel suddenly seems more dangerous than ever



India's Storm in a Cola Cup (Notebook)

Environmentalists claim the Indian government isn't doing enough to regulate the soft-drink industry—and Coke and Pepsi come under attack over pesticides

A Small Step for Robotkind (Notebook)

A Japanese quadraplegic climbs one of Europe's highest mountains, with a little help from a friend and his robotic exoskeleton

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Field of Dreams


Four Legs Good (On the Road)

By donkey through the Cvennes, in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson

A Nest with a View (Check In)

Enjoy traditional Tuscan hospitality at Porto Ercole's sympatico Il Pellicano hotel

One Night in Athens (TIME Global Adviser)

You have one evening to spend in the Greek capital. Three people in the know tell you how to do it right

Inside-Out Living (Design Watch)

Summer brings the best of interior design outdoors