Who Needs Harvard? (Education)

Competition for the Ivies is as fierce as ever, but kids who look beyond the famous schools may be the smartest applicants of all



Shrinking Down the House (Design)

From modernist cubes to rustic cabins, tiny homes let you skimp on everything but style


The Way of K

Inside the mind of Mike Krzyzewski, the boardroom darling who built Duke into a hoops dynasty--and now carries the nation's sporting pride on his clipboard



Spirit and Adventure (Time Bonus Section August 2006: Generations)

Faith-based travel is booming, but today's pilgrims are looking for more than a tour of churches. They seek religious insights--and fun

Want HDTV? (Time Bonus Section August 2006: Generations)

Now's the time to buy. Here's what you need to know to shop wisely

Special Agents (Time Bonus Section August 2006: Generations)

A new category of Realtors caters to the needs of older buyers

Au Naturel (Time Bonus Section August 2006: Generations)

Earthy, affordable, all-natural wines are no longer just for purists

Income to Count On (Time Bonus Section August 2006: Generations)

Why you may need an immediate-fixed annuity when you retire


How Much Risk Will We Take? (Terrorism)

We should be feeling safer right now. British officials appear to have foiled a plot to blow up as many as 10 U.S.-bound passenger jets with liquid explosives hidden in carry-on luggage. Then why did it feel so bad?

Such Lovely Lads (Terrorism)

Why do so many young British Muslims turn to violence against the land where they were raised?

Nasrallah Under Pressure (Profile)

War with Israel made Hizballah's chief an Arab idol, but things are about to get a lot trickier


The Segway Riddle

Dean Kamen's inventive vehicle failed to change the world. Now he's back for a second act

The Segway Sage Speaks

Inventor Dean Kamen sounds off on Segway's disappointing start and his other new projects

Where to Get a Pay Raise

Congress won't give you one--the federal minimum wage is still $5.15. Although 22 states require employers to pay more (and six more may do so in November), activists in Chicago and elsewhere are pressing for a living wage to help the working poor.



How to Pack a Lunch (Food)

Parents assume the lunch they make is healthier than the one served at school, but the Canadian Institutes of Health Research found that the typical lunch box is a nutritional nightmare, filled with sugar, salt and saturated fat. Here's how to do better