The Ways of Opus Dei (Cover Story)

It's not the villain that The Da Vinci Code sets it up to be. But it has been a mystery. An inside look at the most controversial group in Catholicism


The Great Divide (China and the U.S.)

Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the U.S. this week spotlights the world's most important bilateral relationship. To predict where it might be headed, you need to understand what China really thinks of America

Timeline (China and the U.S.)

Clash of the Titans


New Year Promises (Notebook)

After weeks of protests, neither Nepal's demonstrators nor its embattled king seem willing to back down

Letters (Notebook)

Children Under Pressure


Get This Party Started (Viewpoint)

Japan's political opposition needs a fresh start so voters can have a real choice


Wealth on the Wing

The world's economic geography is changing in favor of developing Asia. Investors should take note


Postcards with an Edge (Tech Watch)

Sending postcards just got a touch easier with a new mobile phone service

Shallow Pleasures (Retreat)

The pristine waters of Aldabra offer "the last unprofaned sanctuary on earth"

Preparing for Takeoff (Time Traveler)

Bangkok's new airport will mean big changes for the nearby resort of Pattaya