The Ways of Opus Dei (Religion)

It's not the villain that The Da Vinci Code sets it up to be. But it has been a mystery. An inside look at the most controversial group in Catholicism

A Day With Opus Dei

TIME pays a visit to Chicago's Midtown Center, where Opus Dei adherents teach, pray — and try to make a difference in the world


The Up-And-Comers

They're still just freshmen, but they have turned heads already by learning a specialty or helping to broker peace in a polarized capital

The Revolt of the Generals

Here are the complaints against Rumsfeld from a growing list of military chiefs. Guess what Bush thinks


The Tomatoes of Wrath

With Hamas in power, Palestinians face financial shortfalls, shortages and spoiled vegetables

How the Tractor Was Mowed Down (Letter From Sicily)

After 43 years on the run, La Cosa Nostra's boss of bosses finds himself out of hideaways—and fresh laundry


Stem Cells That Kill (Health)

Cancer is driven by its own kind of stem cells. Understanding them could lead to new treatments - and maybe even a cure


Pain at The Pump (Notebook / Speed Read)

Bad news for drivers: gas prices this summer are expected to climb highter


Whale On the Plate (Time Bonus Section May 2006: Global Business / Natural Resources)

Why Japan fights for commercial whaling in a market that doesn't exist

Emerging Markets: Tropical Paradox (Time Bonus Section May 2006: Global Business / Emerging Markets)

The Dominican Republic's economic plan is at odds with its politics

Global Investing: Who Do You Trust? (Time Bonus Section May 2006: Global Business / Global Investing)

Wall Street rules have changed, but there are still conflicts to be avoided


Wal-Mart's Bank Shot

If the retailer gets its giant foot into the game, will small-town bankers--or high service fees--survive?


How To Get Famous in 30 Seconds (Show Business)

All you need is a camera, a computer and enough nerve to step into the almost-anything-goes world of viral videos

Straight Outta Narnia (Show Business)

Saturday Night Live member Andy Samberg went from the Internet to TV and back again

5 of Our Favorite Picks (Worth Your Time / Worth Your Time)

It's hard to keep up with everything that's going on. That's why we're here


Let The Format Wars Begin (Technology)

DVDs that carry high-definition movies are a logical next-step but is proving to be a difficult one

Estrogen Again (Health)

The Women's Health Initiative reports that taking estrogen doesn't increase cancer risk for many women. Good news with some important caveats