The Battle for Hong Kong (Cover Story)

One year after Hong Kong's half-million man march, Beijing and the pro-democracy camp are both fighting to win the hearts and minds of the territory's people

The Ties that Bind (Cover Story)

Hong Kong's economy is perking up, helped by Chinese tourists and closer links with the booming Pearl River Delta. Is Beijing buying the city's obedience?

Taking Charge (Cover Story)

Beijing has reorganized its bureaucracy to tighten its control over Hong Kong. Here's the new order


Mitsubishi's Shame

A string of safety scandals has left a Japanese carmaker facing the scrap heap

China's Long, Dark Summer

As its economy (and temperature) surges, China must cope with a power shortage brought on by its shortsighted policies


Nuclear Stalemate (Notebook)

In Beijing, the U.S. and North Korea once again agree to disagree

Now the Real Headaches Begin (Notebook)

At long last, the Philippines have an election result. The next step: getting the economy in order

Milestones (Notebook)

An end to the fairytale marriage of a cricket legend and an heiress

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

The Man with the Plan


Blast from the Past (Movies)

Johnnie To's latest film breathes hyperactive new life into an old-style Hong Kong action movie


Say "I Do" to Health (TIME Global Adviser | Your Health)

Studies show marriage can be good for youas long as it's a happy one

A Lesson in Taste (TIME Global Adviser | Grapevine)

When in Rome, learn to drink as the Romans do, at a superb wine school

Diversions (TIME Global Adviser)

The Royal Geographic Society: History in freeze-frame