The Survivor (Cover Story)

Chen Shui-bian defied an assassination attempt, virulent opposition from Beijing and a desperately close vote to win re-election as President of Taiwan. But his problems may be just beginning

Path to Power

Chen Shui-bian's re-election as President is yet another dramatic turn in a life marked by political tumult and family tragedy


Warring Parties

Mutual loathing between the President and the Prime Minister is imperiling Sri Lanka's delicate peace

Democracy's Demons (Viewpoint)

The impeachment of Roh Moo Hyun sets a dangerous precedent for South Korea's deeply flawed democracy


Get the Party Moving (TIME Global Adviser | Diversions)

No sense in annoying the same old neighbors with your revelry. Take your next bash on the road

Dollars and Scents (TIME Global Adviser)

Tired of smelling like all the rest? Then consider a custom fragrance of your own

Check In (TIME Global Adviser)

Sleeping with Mozart in Prague's Aria hotel

Men's Site (TIME Global Adviser) An Eye Opener for Women

Style Watch (TIME Global Adviser)

Style: Can't Find Nemo? Try Stingray

Fried and Fabulous (TIME Global Adviser | Street Fare)

Check out the Bahamas' scrumptious seafood


Beyond Cute (Movies)

China's Zhao Wei wants to graduate from sheer adorability to serious actress. But first she has to figure out who she is


Southern Discomfort (Notebook | Thailand)

Thailand's Prime Minister is used to getting his way, but the country's restive south seems rapidly spinning out of control

Read All About It (Notebook | Japan)

The latest moves in a long-running feud between a publisher and a prominent family spells bad news for the Japan's freewheeling press

A Failing State (Notebook | Nepal)

Maoist rebels target Nepal's tourism and transport industries, bringing the Himalayan kingdom to a near-halt

Milestones (Notebook)

Rome's progresive prelate Franz Cardinal Konig dies

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Inflammation: The Secret Killer