Terror on the Tracks (Cover Story)

Europe's deadliest bombing attack in years and a claim that al-Qaeda was behind it put the continent on edge. Inside the hunt for the killers


Out of Control

South Korea invites political, diplomatic and economic turmoil by impeaching its President

A New vision for Malaysia

Malaysians expected Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be cautious, but he has quickly emerged as a bold reformer

Breaking Away

How Malaysia's new Prime Minister compares to his predecessor

Postmortem (Viewpoint)

A courageous doctor prods Beijing to admit that Tiananmen was a "mistake"


What Women Want (Movies)

Sylvia Chang's triumphant 20:30:40 tracks three Taipei ladies from youth to the cusp of middle age


Culinary Revolutions (TIME Global Adviser | Diversions)

With these eateries, it's not just the menu that will leave you in a spin

But Does it Make toast? (TIME Global Adviser | Check In)

The world's luxury hotels are jumping on the high-tech bandwagon

Coffee, Tea or Nicotine Patch? (TIME Global Adviser | Long Haul)

The friendly skies are a whole lot cleaner these dayswhich is bad news for the tobacco-dependent


Milestones (Notebook)

Achille Lauro hijacker dies

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

The Families That Own Asia