Silent Killer

Diabetes is assailing tens of millions in Asia, and its victims are younger than ever-due in large part to unhealthy lifestyles imported from the West


Modi's Law

For India, Narendra Modi's election bid is a referendum on the politics of hate

Fear Factor

South Korea's election race may hinge on the nuclear threat from Kim Jong Il

Suicidal Terror or Error?

Police say one Bali bomber may have been on a suicide mission. Should Asia brace for more strikes?


Going Nowhere Fast

Sick banks are bad enough, but Japan's greatest economic problem is its spectacularly unproductive workforce


Oh, Brothers!

At last, film buffs can once again watch the Shaw Brothers' Hong Kong classicson video

Wear and Tear

As Jun Takahashi chases global fame, can Japan's hippest designer sustain his anarchist vision?


Jiang Hangs Around (Notebook)

As Jiang holds on to a key post, hopes for a real transfer of power in China diminish

Milestones (Notebook)

Eurico Guterres is sentenced; A Chinese tycoon is felled; and Henry Kissinger is back in the saddle