Lure of the Rings

The Two Towers is poised to become the biggest hit of 2002a sign that fantasy has become a needed antidote to today's grim reality


Where Will They Strike Next?

Indonesia nabbed the alleged mastermind of the Bali bombing, but the threat remains. TIME surveys Asia's terror targets

Will They Strike Again?

TIME investigates the terrorist threatand countermeasures in placein Asia's possible target countries. The region still has some work to do, but better security will make a difference

Tackling Terror

To win the war on terrorism, Asia's governments must join forces

General Strike

A messy parliamentary election shows Musharraf's "guided democracy" may be losing its way

The Silent Scream

Peaceable villagers forge an uneasy truce with the predators in their midst



Milestones (Notebook)

For the Week of December 2, 2002


Speed Dialing

In India, China and across the world, telecoms are regroupingled by visionary moguls like Li Ka-shing

3G Glasses

If Li Ka-shing is a visionary, then what does he see in high-speed mobile networks?

Hard Cell

Okay, the first two hundred million Chinese have handsets. The other billion or so? A different story


Feeling the Pressure

Ha Jin follows up his National Book award with The Crazed, a tale of China on the cusp of Tiananmen


Hot Spot

The Balinese know how to treat their brides