Tokyo Psycho

Tadanobu Asano has made a name for himself playing misfits and bad boys. Now he faces a wilder prospect: stardom


Deadly Cargo

Signs abound that Bangladesh has become a safe haven for Islamic jihadisincluding Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters fresh off the boat from Afghanistan

Ballots Over Bullets

Pakistanis and Kashmiris go to the polls in tough conditionsand one election is cause for hope


How Science Solves Crimes

From ballistics to DNA, forensic scientists are revolutionizing police workon TV and in reality. And just in time

Inside the Sniper Manhunt

How a killer's diabolical methods and terrifying effect have launched an investigation like no other. A look behind the police-tape lines



China's P-Chip Puzzle

The sudden fall of tycoon Yang Bin throws an unflattering light on Mainland private enterprises


Pretty Independent

Though modest, the first Miss Tibet beauty contest proves a media darling


On the Waterfront (Notebook)

A U.S. dockworkers' labor dispute still poses major problems for Asian companies

American al-Qaeda? (Notebook)

Another supposed Al-Qaeda sympathizer is handed over in S.E. Asiathis time, an American

Milestones (Notebook)

For the Week of October 21, 2002


Hot Spot

The Best Batik comes from Cirebon


The Losari Coffee Plantation and Resort