Smuggler's Blues (Asia)

Is Lai Changxing China's public enemy no. 1 or a hero for his time? Hannah Beech finds the kingpin in exile, frightened his motherland wants him dead


General's Election

Pakistan's Musharraf has rewritten the constitution and will hold polls this week. The likely beneficiary: the religious right

Kiss Your Assets Goodbye

Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian wants to strip the powerful KMT party of its cash and its clout


Married to the Mob

Bollywood stars are in a shotgun wedding with top gangsters. Sometimes the bullets are real

Cultural Capital? (Letter from Singapore)

Singapore's government has decided that citizens must be creativeat all costs

Prisoner of the Heart

In his memoir The Iron Road, James Mawdsley relates how he went to jail for a free Burmatwice

Burnt by the Rising Sun

December 6 is a hard-boiled mystery set in enemy territoryJapan on the eve of World War II


Femme Photography (Your Technology)

Digital cameras are getting smaller and simpler. Sony's Cyber-shot U tries to be stylish too


Secrets and Lies (Asia)

South Korea tries to confront its brutal past. But a commission comes up with less than half the truth

Hard Time for a Rebel (Asia)

Nicholas Tse, Hong Kong pop idol and movie icon, loves playing the Bad Boy, but bad boys get caught


Bad Bucks (Notebook)

An influx of money too ugly to spend

Milestones (Notebook)

For the Week of October 14, 2002



NamsanSouth Mountainis a quick fix for the nature-starved