The Power of Yoga

It bends. It stretches. It turns you into a human pretzel. But can it really cure what ails you?


Stomping the Presses

President Kim tells the media to pay its back taxes and fines. But is he really after kinder coverage?

Beijing's Final Sprint

Thanks to a savvy public relations campaign, even some of China's critics are supporting its bid for the 2008 games




Make Love Not War

Disney is spending $10 million to convince the Japanese public that Pearl Harbor is a romance. It better work: the studio needs to make $100 million

Pearl Harbor's Top Gun

Fighting his own past, a nervous studio and (as always) the critics, producer Jerry Bruckheimer goes to war

India's Most Wanted

Rather than evoking horror, bloodthirsty gangster Veerappan is a folk hero to many of his countrymen


Hyundai in High Gear

Once the butt of jokes, the Korean brand is among the hottest on America's highways

Craving the Crawlies

No use complaining about bugs in your soup in Thailand. Edible insects are in — and big business