Take My Party, Please

Jesse Ventura may not run for President in 2000--but he wouldn't mind if Donald Trump joined the fray

Condi Rice Can't Lose

George W. Bush's foreign-policy adviser is a future superstar. But can she save Bush from himself?

A Very Close Call

Hurricane Floyd never delivered the catastrophic blow forecasters feared, but that just postpones the inevitable

Wait Till Next Time

If a little heated water in the Atlantic can create Floyd, what storms will global warming bring?

Bill Gives Big

Mr. Microsoft will send 20,000 minority students to college

Pat Buchanan (The World According To...)

Foreign Policy From the Fringe

Donald Trump (The World According To...)

He's the Dream, In Supersize


How We Spied on You

Aged spooks gather in Berlin to trade gibes and tales about the golden era of cold war espionage


Sergio's First Stand

In this week's Ryder Cup, the Spanish phenom takes on a testy Tiger and other cranky U.S. pros


Get (Silicon Valley / The Second Wave)

Can't program a computer? Not techno savvy? Not a problem. If you've got a hot Internet business idea, Silicon Valley's astonishing start-up machine will do the rest

This Week's Model (Silicon Valley / The Second Wave)

What does it take to launch the next Internet megabusiness? The new entrepreneurs can do it in 90 days--with a lot of effort, money, and some caffeinated mints

Start Me Up (Silicon Valley / The Second Wave)

The post-techie world has new players: women, immigrants and even Republicans Women Entrepreneurs Doing It for Themselves (Silicon Valley / The Second Wave)

How I Missed The Gold Rush


Campaign 2000 (Notebook)

U.S. Presidency: The Job That Keeps on Giving

Education (Notebook)

Teachers Are Lagging Behind in Logging On



Here Come PVRs

Is Network TV Doomed? Personal video recorders that allow ad-free viewing could change broadcasting


Music: Reznor's Redemption (The Arts / Music)

Industrial rock's auteur was lost. His new CD shows what he found on the hard road back

Encore, Encore (The Arts / Design)

Nearly 70, Radio City Music Hall, a monument of modern design, dresses up again in the high style of its youth

Television: Boomer Bards (The Arts / Television)

They've done teens, 20s, 30s--now it's fortysomethings in Once and Again

Snoops (The Arts / Short Takes)

ABC, Sunday, 9 p.m. E.T.

Later Today (The Arts / Short Takes)

NBC, weekdays, 9 a.m. E.T.


Positive Illusions (Personal Time / Your Family)

From I do to the Seven-Year Itch, a new study shows that marriage (surprise) is hard work

Don't Get Caught (Personal Time / Your Money)

Stock-fund holders could be on the hook for big tax bites in a year of big redemptions

All-in-One Gizmo? (Personal Time / Technology)

Handspring's new personal digi-assistant may be the last gadget you'll ever need. If it works.

Do the Shoes Fit? (Personal Time / Your Health)

In sports, wearing the right footwear is almost as important as how well you play the game


In The Long Run (Time Select / Senior Olympics)

The Senior Games in Orlando, Fla., next month will put older but fitter athletes on display