Law on Bended Knee

Will a new federal law give religious freedom even more protection than it has now? Or will it erode other basic liberties?

Buy One, Get One Free?

They have not elected her, but already New Yorkers want to know: Can Hillary Clinton deliver?

Feuding over Waco

Sects, files and videotape fuel the face-off between Justice and the FBI over the Branch Davidians

The Police and the EDPs

As services for the emotionally disturbed dwindle, officers fill the gaps, sometimes with deadly results



Smart Genes? (The I.Q. Gene?)

A new study sheds light on HOW MEMORY WORKS and raises questions about whether we should use genetics to make people brainier

Vaccine Jitters (Health)

More parents are resisting inoculations for their kids. But that raises fears of disease outbreaks

If We Have It, Do We Use It? (The I.Q. Gene?)

Science careers forward, and ethics tries to catch up. Both impose choices that can change our lives

Message from a Mouse (The I.Q. Gene?)

It takes more than genes to make a smart rodent, or high-IQ humans

Elixirs For Your Memory (The I.Q. Gene?)

The blitz is on for ginkgo and other herbal products, but are they panaceas or placebos?


Brand New Bodies (Living)

Ah, the whiff of burning flesh! What to do when a tattoo seems too tame



Diana (Notebook)

Two Years Later, Dodi's Dad Wants a Day in Court

Travel (Notebook)

Why Bill Will Meet Sir Ed: Because He's There

Map (Notebook)


Saving Cities Built on the Sea (American Scene)

Stiltsvilles may have a dirty past, but a concerted effort is under way to save them from the environmentalists


A Theater Very Near You

A glut of fancy new megaplexes could spoil the happy ending for the big movie-house chains

Food Fight

The battle heats up between the U.S. and Europe over genetically engineered crops

Rent-a-Jet Cachet

A clever new ownership scheme is making private jets more accessible to your average millionaire


Seriously Funny (The Arts / Show Business)

Chris Rock is on a roll. Hip movies? Check. Hot TV shows? Check. Best comic in America? You bet

Cinema: Roastmaster General (The Arts / Cinema)

He writes brilliant jokes for celebrities. Can this top comic writer become famous on his own?

Get Real (The Arts / Short Takes)

Fox, Wednesdays


No School for Sots (Personal Time / Your Family)

The family dinner table is the place to train your college-bound kids to think--not drink

Prez N the Hood (Personal Time / Your Money)

The Clintons move next door, breaking rules, raising a ruckus and (I hope) boosting prices

A-Plus Software (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Some new programs make the horrors of school homework much more palatable

Misjudged Threat (Personal Time / Your Health)

The word about AIDS still needs to get out, especially among African Americans


Families: Syllabus (Time Select / Families)

Your kids aren't the only ones who can prepare for school. These books will help you get up to speed as well: