That's Retail-tainment!

Stores are wooing customers by making the shopping less forbidding, more friendly--and fun


Catching Some Redemption

Under coach Dennis Green, the bad-boy and second-chance Minnesota Vikings roll toward a league title




AOL, You've Got Netscape

America Online is all set to devour an Internet giant, but how will it feel the next morning?


Theater: The Children of Rent (The Arts / Theater)

From slacker druggies to flying performance artists, a stodgy old medium tries to think young

Music: Piano Bravissimo (The Arts / Music)

Treasures and pleasures abound in a mammoth CD selection of the century's virtuoso pianists

Cinema: Dark Meat (The Arts / Cinema)

Can Babe keep his snout clean in the big bad city?


New Way to Save (Personal Time / Your Money)

State college-saving plans offer tax advantages to all and can be used at any school in the U.S.

Medicare Woes (Personal Time / Your Health)

Many HMOs are dropping patients over 65. Here's how to make sure you stay well covered

Big-Game Hunting (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Games that simulate hunting are the surprise killer application of 1998. Now I know why


Big Wheels Turning (Time 100)

Capitalism not only won, it turned into a marvelous machine of prosperity, led by people who could take an idea and turn it into an industry

Blessed Barons (Time 100)

Rapacious? Sure. But 19th century titans Carnegie, Rockefeller and Morgan set the stage for the empire builders of the 20th

Driving Force: Henry Ford (Time 100)

He produced an affordable car, paid high wages and helped create a middle class. Not bad for an autocrat

Cars That Mattered (Time 100)

From the Tin Lizzie to the Toyota, some autos were more than a ride

LOUIS B. MAYER: Lion Of Hollywood (Time 100)

His MGM was a film factory, with stars as assembly-line workers and a hit formula: chaste romance, apple pie and Andy Hardy

Father Of Broadcasting DAVID SARNOFF (Time 100)

RCA's general foresaw radio as a mass medium built around a network, then did it again for television, rearranging living rooms everywhere

CHARLES MERRILL: Main Street Broker (Time 100)

CHARLES MERRILL With a fervent belief in the small investor as the foundation of the stock market, Good Time Charlie made America the shareholder nation

Stephen Bechtel: Global Builder (Time 100 / Global Builder)

Only a man who thought on the grandest scale could build the world's biggest engineering projects

Monuments of the Age (Time 100)

Just as Egyptians, Greeks and Romans built grand projects that defined the culture and technology of their times, builders of this century made big statements--usually in concrete

King Of Cool (Time 100)

WILLIS CARRIER So it was the humidity! How a kindly engineer from the Snowbelt helped make the Sunbelt boom

LUCKY LUCIANO: Criminal Mastermind (Time 100)

He downsized, he restructured and he used Standard & Poor's as much as Smith & Wesson to change forever the face of organized crime

WALTER REUTHER: Working-Class Hero (Time 100)

He built the benefits package that workers now take for granted, from health care to pensions. But his agenda was bigger than unionism

Leo Burnett: Sultan Of Sell (Time 100 / Sultan Of Sell)

He launched today's visual assault on the senses by proving that images, not words, were the nuclear power of advertising. TV proved him right

THOMAS WATSON JR: Master Of The Mainframe (Time 100)

THOMAS WATSON JR. The man who built IBM into a computer giant was racked by angst at the notion of filling his father's shoes. But worry was a relentless motivator

Burger Meister RAY KROC (Time 100)

McDonald's begat an industry because a 52-year-old mixer salesman understood that we don't dine--we eat and run

Beauty Queen: Estee Lauder (Time 100)

She turned cosmetics into a big business by making the experience at the sales counter a personal one

BILL GATES: Software Strongman (Time 100)

BILL GATES He controls something the world's PCs can't live without. But he's neither as good nor bad as the hype

Bosses From Hell (Time 100)

They don't want to be your friend. You don't want to be their enemy

Palace Envy (Time 100)

By living in monstrous houses, tycoons do us a service: it's easier to resent them

Voracious Inc. (Time 100)

Conglomerates roamed the earth during the '60s, eating up smaller firms

Managing To Be Best (Time 100)

The century's smartest bosses have influence beyond their companies

Words To Profit By (Time 100)

Business coverage is now expansive and honest. It wasn't always so

Crazy And In Charge (Time 100)

Brilliant tycoons have had a tendency to get eccentric, or worse

Gene Fool (Time 100)

Society depends on the unattractive to become titans and engineers. Science will threaten the supply

The Business Of America (Time 100)

Mix entrepreneurial energy with abundant capital. Result: the world's most dynamic economy

One Hundred Great Things (Time 100)

In a century when the consumer became king, product innovation reached unprecedented heights