Religion: The Second Reformation (Cover Story)

Admission to the priesthood is just one issue as feminism rapidly emerges as the most vexing thorn for Christianity


File Under Fired (The Week: Nation)

A search for dirt on Perot and Clinton costs an official her job

No Fire This Time (The Week: Nation)

Detroit keeps calm after a black motorist is killed by police

Out, and In Uniform (The Week: Nation)

A Navy sailor fights the military's ban on gays and gets his post back

Science's Big Shift (Policy)

Researchers are used to doing what they please. But in the Clinton era, more government money will flow toward work that attacks society's problems.


Cross Fire (The Week World)

Colombia is caught in a squeeze between guerrillas and traffickers

Day Of Broken Dreams (The Week World)

Germany's political fringe disrupts a massive plea for tolerance

Extraordinary Stories (The Week World)

Government coaching on the Iraq embargo reddens faces in Whitehall

Foreigners, Go Home! (Germany)

Racist youths have taken their violent hatred into the streets. Stopping the rise of neo-Nazi fervor will require that Germany grapple with the economic and social breakdown in the east.

Serving Two Masters (The Week World)

A Cuban exile in Miami says he worked both sides of the street


And Now, Robodoc! (The Week Health & Science)

In a medical first, a robot in California performs invasive surgery

Any Way You Slice It (The Week Health & Science)

A leading researcher unsheathes a new weapon in the fight against AIDS

Perfect Pitch (The Week Health & Science)

Scientists discover a parasitic fly with an unusual ear for cricket songs

Where There's Smoke (Health)

Following America's lead, Europeans and Asians join the war on smoking


Highway Through Hell (The Week: Society)

Gangs turn a Florida interstate into a mobile killing zone

Stay by the Bay (The Week: Society)

Baseball's owners veto the San Francisco Giants' move to Florida

The Pulpit Barrier (The Week: Society)

The Church of England admits women priests, but Anglicans will remain split

There Goes The Judge (The Week: Society)

The distinguished career of New York State's chief jurist ends in disgrace


Chips Ahoy!

America's semiconductor industry, nearly given up for lost, is making an electrifying comeback


Clinton's People: Bruce Lindsey (The Transition)

A Faithful Friend And Confidant Clinton's best buddy, BRUCE LINDSEY works quietly at the Governor's side to make sure he gets the best information and makes the right decisions

Clinton's People: Robert Reich (The Transition)

Clinton's Economic Idea Man Since their Oxford days, ROBERT REICH has been teaching economics to his friend

How Much Can He Do? (The Transition)

As Clinton tries to rebuild the economy, he faces challenges that are global in scope -- and to which there are no easy answers.


Air Wars

As the global dogfight heats up, American carriers protest a British Airways plan for the latest transatlantic merger

Fixing The Bottom Line (The Week: Business)

Japan's Matsushita agrees to a new, maybe trendsetting, U.S. tax formula

Here Comes Santa (The Week: Business)

After three tough years, U.S. retailers are dreaming of a greener Christmas

The Grapes of Wrath (Trade)

Who's right in the squabble over a hill of beans that threatens to triple the price of Chablis and unleash a global trade war?


Can Anybody Work This Thing? (Video)

New gadgets keep arriving to try to cure VCR illiteracy. The latest lets people simply talk to their machine.

Soul with A British Accent (Music)

Transatlantic musicians like Mick Hucknall, Lisa Stansfield and Seal revitalize an American pop invention -- and in some cases make it better

The Elevation of MALCOLM X (Cinema)

A much hyped film turns a complex militant's life into an overlong, tepid primer for black pride

Words with Spike Lee (Cinema)

Making Malcolm X, says director Spike Lee, was a way to bring the slain leader's message to a new generation