A New Coalition for the 1990s (Election '92)

Clinton wins with support that is more Western, more female, more single, more moderate and more white than past Democratic mosaics

A Time for Courage (Election '92)

If Clinton is to fulfill his mandate for change, he will have to be honest about uncomfortable truths and brave in making tough choices

America's Flagging Mission (Election '92)

Absorbed by problems at home, Clinton faces the task of reshaping the U.S.'s role in the world with diminished resources

Divided They Fall (Election '92)

Deeply splintered over ideology, policy and personalities, the Republicans face a bitter struggle over their party's future course

The End of Reaganism (Election '92)

How the Feelgood Era that dawned in 1980 foundered on recession, mean-spiritedness and missed opportunities

The Final 48 Hours (Election '92)

He didn't need it, but Clinton's end game was a bleary-eyed, sleepless blitz through 14 cities and 5,000 miles

The Lessons of Perot (Election '92)

Big bucks and simple talk turned out to be no substitute for a thick skin and a well-rounded political agenda

The Presidency: Going Gently into the Night (Election '92 / The Presidency)

There is no easy way for a loser to endure the transition of power from his own expiring Administration to that of his exuberant, victorious rival

The Tea Leaves Were Wrong (The Week Election '92)

Most of the popular indicators generally used to predict the winner in presidential elections favored George Bush this year.

What He Will Do (Election '92)

Armed with more will than wallet, Clinton realizes he must stimulate the economy before delivering on such heady promises as health-care reform and job retraining