Stone Age Iceman (Cover Stories)

The discovery of a frozen 5,300-year-old wanderer -- the world's most ancient intact human -- stirs passion and controversy and opens a window on life in the Stone Age

The World in 3300 B.C. (Cover Stories)

In the Iceman's day, Europe was a quiet agricultural backwater. The action was in Egypt and Mesopotamia, where civilization was beginning to flourish.


Tanks a Lot (The Week: Nation / Et Cetera)

Tanks a Lot

Justice Under the Gun (The Week: Nation)

Nasty questions at the FBI and Iraqgate plague the Attorney General

Lone Wolf Or a Pack of Lies? (Scandals)

Critics charge that the Bush Administration staged a cover-up by fingering a single bank official for making unauthorized loans to Iraq, and there is mounting evidence that he had accomplices


An Awesome Mandate (The Week World)

Shevardnadze wins approval to lead Georgia out of war

Contradiction In Terms (The Week World)

China's party congress opts for a freer market but calls it socialism

Egypt's Killer Quake (The Week World)

Over 500 are dead and thousands injured, but the Sphinx survives


Chemical Caution (The Week Health & Science)

Miscarriages are linked to two solvents used on microchips

Danger Overhead (Health)

Two Swedish studies provide the best evidence so far of a link between electricity and cancer

Go Slow Off the Joe (The Week Health & Science)

Moderate coffee drinkers can suffer if they give up caffeine too quickly


Children Without Pity

The case of Anthony Knighton illustrates how a generation born of violence creates a brutal legacy

Finishing Line (The Week: Society)

If You Throw It, He Will Catch It

Queengate Cover-Up (The Week: Society)

Ballot burning robs a student of her title but brings down a principal




Anatomy of a Fumble (The Economy)

Bush tries to blame his economic performance on bad advice, but the fault lies more with his own political strategy and his instinct to let the recession fix itself

Arkansas Pecking Order

No single industry has brought more jobs to Bill Clinton's Arkansas than poultry. But most of those jobs are not worth crowing about.

Forced Disclosure (The Week: Business)

New SEC rules require corporations to come clean on pay packages


Bringing Folk Back Home (Music)

An all-star tribute to Bob Dylan and a raft of albums invoke the genre's wild, enduring spirit

Conservative Provocateur Or BIG BLOWHARD? (Show Business)

Outrageous and impudent, right-wing multimedia motormouth Rush Limbaugh is the loudest noise in the crucial conversation America is now having with itself


Strike Against Racism (Nobel Prize)

Guatemala's Rigoberta Menchu is honored for reminding the world that America's Indians are still persecuted