Ad Wars (Cover Stories)

As the TV battle intensifies, lectures loaded with facts, figures and issues have replaced the slick image and propaganda productions of elections past

It's Clinton's to Lose (Cover Stories)

First the President's attacks backfire, then Clinton and Perot best him in the St. Louis debate. Only a miracle can save George Bush

Quayle vs. Gore (Cover Stories)

It may be the dullest job in Washington, but two young men with similar backgrounds and sharply opposed politics are fighting desperately to win it. Will their struggle affect the outcome?

What Debates Don't Tell Us (Cover Stories)

Memorable more for one-liners than for substance, they are poor guides to performance in the Oval Office


End of A Mean Season (The Week: Nation)

Scandalized and politicized, the departing Congress won't be missed

Home Rule or Death (The Week: Nation)

By order of Congress, D.C. schedules a vote on capital punishment

Oh, Those Documents (The Week: Nation)

The CIA admits misleading prosecutors in the Iraqgate affair


An Odd Democracy (The Week World)

Only 13% of Kuwaitis could vote, but still the opposition triumphed

Blasting A Corridor (The Week World)

Serbs take a key town in Bosnia as the U.N. talks a little tougher

Boris' Revenge (The Week World)

Yeltsin makes life miserable for the rival he once helped save

Death From the Sky (Europe)

Investigators search for clues in the crash of an El Al 747 that devastated an apartment complex and killed at least 51

Putting An End to War (The Week World)

Angola and Mozambique reach out for peace after 16 years of bloodshed


Eating Causes Cancer (The Week Health & Science)

Researchers find that many natural chemicals are carcinogens

Lupus Redux (The Week Health & Science / Et Cetera)

Lupus Redux

Less Pain, More Gain (Medicine)

After years of sparing the morphine, doctors see that better pain relief means a faster, cheaper recovery

New Role for RU 486 (The Week Health & Science)

A study shows the abortion pill can also be a morning-after contraceptive


Anita Hill's Legacy

A year after the Clarence Thomas hearings, women wonder if the consciousness-raising made enough of a difference

Gun Shirts Are Out (The Week: Society)

Parents and teachers move to get rid of a violent teen symbol

Marching Forward (The Week: Society)

A court ruling paves the way for women at Virginia Military Institute


Are The Media Too Liberal?

Elections provide the perfect excuse to dissect biases -- but past outcomes suggest that even if reporters could manage a conspiracy, it wouldn't change the results



In the Shop (The Week: Business / Et Cetera)

In the Shop

Hospitality Split (The Week: Business)

The Marriott hotel company separates its winners from its losers

Nowhere To Invest

Rock-bottom interest rates forced investors to flee to the stock market, but now their last refuge looks scary



Bard of The Island Life (Literature)

Derek Walcott's Nobel Prize rewards a career spent bringing new subjects and cadences to the English tongue

Rap Around the Globe (Music)

Fad-hungry kids are dressing down and acting up in a worldwide rhythm revolution