The Heart Wants What It Wants (Cover Stories)

From his Fifth Avenue penthouse, Woody defends his love for Soon-Yi and heatedly denies allegations of child abuse

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow: Scenes From A Breakup (Cover Stories)

A storied love affair crashes in shards as Mia Farrow accuses Woody Allen of incest and child molestation. For the prurient, it was a delight; for Allen and for Farrow's motley family, a piteous desce


Family Values (The U.S. Campaign)

The Republican pitch seems cynical, but it goes to the soul of what kind of country Americans want

Gold Rush in Reverse (The Week: Nation)

California battles a wildfire in the land of Mark Twain and Bret Harte

Here Come the Big Guns (The U.S. Campaign)

After the rhetorical rumbling in Houston, the G.O.P. readies a fierce assault on four policy fronts. Clinton prepares a counterattack, but may be vulnerable on some points

Pulpit Politics (The U.S. Campaign)

Bush and Quayle once again need the support of evangelical Christians, but this year those voters can turn to two Baptist candidates: Clinton and Gore

The Veep Bites Back (The Week: Nation)

Quayle's tough acceptance speech aims for the Democratic jugular


Black Protest (The Week World)

Economic chaos and corruption charges may topple Brazil's Collor

Boxing In Saddam (Iraq)

A ban on Iraqi flights over the southern marshes is the Bush Administration's latest military -- and political -- battle plan

Deadly Force (Middle East)

How Israeli commandos are waging an undercover war in the occupied territories

Russia For Everyman (The Week World)

Yeltsin wants to give each citizen $62 worth of the state's assets

You Fly, You Die (The Week World)

A plan to protect Shi'ites could put a squeeze on Iraq's Saddam


Munich All Over Again? (The Balkans)

Talks on a settlement in Bosnia sound uncomfortably reminiscent of the 1938 surrender to aggression


Attack of The Superbugs (Medicine)

In the battle against old scourges, magic bullets are losing their power, and invisible legions of drug-resistant microbes are again on the march

Stay Cool (The Week Health & Science / Et Cetera)

Stay Cool

Space Invader (The Week Health & Science)

A huge impact 370 million years ago may have killed off most life on earth

The Purge of Battle (The Week Health & Science)

Some of the Persian Gulf is less fouled than it was before the war


A $500,000 Fragment (The Week: Society)

Part of Lincoln's pivotal house divided speech will be auctioned

No Gunmen for Rent (The Week: Society)

An appeals court rules a magazine liable for a public offer to kill



Buying Black

Mainstream companies are cashing in on African-American consumers

Greenback Blues (The Week: Business)

The dollar dives to its lowest level since World War II